From modern day dramas to period thrillers, special events and uniquely tailored plots, we have something for everyone. Here are just a few of the plots that we perform.


Murder at the Embassy

The Foreign Secretary is well known for liking one too many drinks at the embassy receptions. In fact, he’s well known for quite a few indiscretions when his wife’s attention is turned. But this time, his indiscretions have led a little too far, and his body is found in the office, blood on the chair, bruises on his neck and silk stockings on the floor.

A Night at the Theatre

The cremé de la cremé of Hollywood’s acting talent have come to the West End to grace London’s greatest stage. But once the performance has ended, the audience are held back: backstage one of the actors has been brutally slain. Who could have killed him? One of the actors? The stage hands? The director? Petty jealousies and secret affairs are uncovered as you race to find the murderer before they can strike again.


Captain Blackheart has been missing for over 20 years. Suddenly he re-appears, and calls together his old crew to gather at the Salty Dog tavern where, he tells them, he will split his treasure with the men and women who served him so well all those years ago. But before he can reveal the location of the treasure, he is brutally murdered. His head is found beside his body, while his parrot Polly lies dead beside him, and a strange aroma lingers in the air…

The Reading of the Will

The family and friends of the late Sir Hugh Fortune have been gathered together to hear the reading of his will. Sir Hugh’s untimely death from a heart attack a month ago has left his business – a multi-million poundshipping firm – without an obvious line of succession, and nobody is sure who will inherit either it, his grand stately home, and his millions in the bank.