Death Masque provides a professional team of actors to organise and perform our murder mysteries, as well as to provide any additional support that you need.


The events are typically staged in a restaurant or marquee – with scenes between each course of dinner. Comprising three scenes and a dramatic denouement, the actors will enter, introduce themselves (or rather their characters) and set the scene for the evening.

Each table has to guess which of the cast has committed the murder. During each course, the actors will move round the tables, allowing the diners the chance to question them about their motives, their actions, their relationships – and most importantly, whether they are guilty.

Between each course, another scene ensues, revealing more information about what has happened, who has done what, and introducing more clues.

At the end of the night, each table completes a form with their guess as to who is the guilty party, why they did it, and how they tried to pull it off. A final denouement will see the guilty party unmasked, and the table who gets the right answer – or the nearest to it – will walk away with a prize, and of course the honour of being the best detectives.